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Bitz, small parts of our beloved miniatures, we all know. So, what is this bitZMarket ?

Imagine a community, where every bit of every member´s bitz-collection is available for you. World wide. bitZMarket is a marketplace and an almanach rolled into one. You can look up, buy, and sell every product in our catalog. You do not need to take photos or write long descriptions! Just look up the bit, box, or sprue you have, state the condition and price and you are ready to go !
bitZMarket does the rest for you. No need for long mail conversations, no bidding or other annoying stuff. And the best thing is: being a member, using the database, listing and buying is totally free of charge! There is only a small fee if you sell something. 5% to be precise.


So, what is in the catalog ?

We started the catalog with the products of the market leader, Games Workshop and their lines of Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy and their Specialist ranges, and will be adding other lines and manufacturers as fast as possible. (Reaper, Privateer Press and so on.) At the moment we have over 20,000 products (boxes, sprues, bitz and sheets) and are still growing.

How is this organized ? How am I able to find anything in that moloch of a catalog ?

We have put a lot of thinking in that matter. Every product is tagged and categorized and is linked with the sprue, box, or blister it comes from and has every ID we were able to find, given by the manufacturer. So you are easily able to find what you are looking for by using our filters. You are interested in finding every „Space Marine“ with „Bolter“ ever produced in „pewter“ ? You are able to do that with our filters. You are keen on every „bit“ that came listed in „White Dwarf Issue 22 2014“ ? You are able to find them with bitZMarket!


So, how is payment organized ?

If you sell something on bitZMarket, the funds will be added to your account and you are able to use them to pay for orders or you can transfer them to your paypal or bank account.
You just want to buy something ? No problem, you can transfer funds to your account by bank transfer or pay instantly with our paypal function. Easy as pie !

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